Alisa Young

As a child her father used to always tell her to never leave home without her camera as you never know when you're going to have a chance to take a perfect picture.

Alisa specializes in residential and commercial real estate photography and marketing, and offers her services in Maryland, Pennsylvania & Delaware. Alisa has the equipment and the knowledge to produce beautiful imagery, 360 tours, aerials, and walkthrough tours for her clients, which include real estate agents, brokers, interior designers, commercial property owners, builders as well as B&B and vacation rental owners throughout the area.

Alisa believes that using professional marketing tools make all the difference when it comes to selling any property. In addition to shooting and retouching images, she offers high quality videos, aerials, and marketing flyers. Alisa uses HDR techniques to make each listing stand out and capture the attention of potential buyers.

To schedule a real estate photo session, click on the Book Session above. If you want to discuss options in detail, give her a call at 410.989.1398 or email her at [email protected]
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